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Anti Corruption & Abusive Material Investigation

Who are we?

ACAMI is an independent group founded in 2020 with the purpose of bringing an end to abusive material and harmful content online. Our primary objective is to take down explicit material, investigate hidden corruption and expose injustice.

We have a total of 13 highly skilled agents who work across the internet to fight injustice. While most agents typically work undercover as to not jeopardize their profile, some prefer to be open and public.

Job applications are not open to the public. All ACAMI Operatives are recruited by a scout.

How do we work?

We typically operate under the following categories:

102 Discord Servers Nuked

85 of which were illegal child porn servers. Another 8 were involved with illegal NSFW content.

13 Operatives

Each of them are highly trained in their field and know how to handle different situations.

350+ Targets

We have found a total of 363 user's information through OSINT. Dont worry, none of it is shared with anyone.

4 People arrested

Child porn is a serious offence. We contact local authorities if we believe someone is at risk.